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Wednesday 4.13.16


Wednesday 4.13.16

This Thursday at 5:30pm!! Come get your mobility on! Give your body a chance to actively recover, work out some of the mobility restrictions that continue to haunt you and learn how to change some of the bad habits leaving you at risk of injury and feeling tore up after the workout. This is a FREE class ,andis instructed by our awesome @maleegardner.
Prep Work

Bear crawl

Broad jump

Inchworm push up

Crab walk


Power clean+Front squat+Split jerkX2

15 min to establish a heavy complex

5 Min Cap

Max American swings 53/35+500M Row
Your score will be total points, the lower the better.

Each rep on the American swings will result in 1 second less on your row time. For example

If I got 50 Reps on the American swing and finished my row in 2:00 within the 5 min cap

2:00=120 pts. -50=70 pts.
If you go for more reps make sure that you allow yourself enough time to finish the row. If you are unable to finish the row you do not get a score.
Cool Down


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