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Wednesday 6.22.16


Wednesday 6.22.16

This Thursday @ 5:30pm!! Come get your mobility on! Give your body a chance to actively recover, work out some of the mobility restrictions that continue to haunt you and learn how to change some of the bad habits leaving you at risk of injury and feeling tore up after the workout. This is a FREE class. This class is instructed by our awesome @maleegardner. Bring your foam roller.

Prep Work

3 min run/row/airdyne

2X 10 each

Goblet squats

PVC Split jerk

2X:30 PVC External Rotation


Clean grip deadlift+Below the knee hang clean with a 2 second pause+split jerk

12 min to build to a max

3X10 (5L/5R)

“Top box” pistol progression

While standing on top of a 12-24″ box on a single leg, control your opposite leg and drag it down the side of the box while you go into a single leg squat.Let your leg touch the ground and use it to generate the a bit of momentum to help you get out of the bottom of the squat.

3 min Max calorie row or Airdyne your choice
Cool Down


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