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Wednesday 9.28.16


Wednesday 9.28.16

Looking to work on better upper body position?

Thursday September ,29th @ 5:30pm!! Come get your mobility on! Give your body a chance to actively recover, work out some of the mobility restrictions that continue to haunt you and learn how to change some of the bad habits leaving you at risk of injury and feeling tore up after the workout. This class is instructed by our awesome @maleegardner. Bring your foam rollers and don’t miss out on learning how to help your body recover. This is really important for the longevity of what you do and the performance also. #crossfitreformation #crossfit #impossible to#impossible #mobility

January 28, 2017
Jon North and Jared Enderton
Will be at CrossFit Reformation instructing their Level 1 weightlifting seminar. If you are looking to improve your Olympic Lifting and gain valuable knowledge in the weightlifting sport, you won’t want to miss out on this seminar. Brenden and Jonathan Douglas both attended his seminar a little over a year ago and brought back a lot of valuable information. Jonathan has been working with the Attitude Nation team ever since and we thought it would be beneficial to expose people in our area to their knowledge. So we decided to bring them to Central Washington. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, these spots will fill up fast so register (click here).

Prep Work
2 min row
2X10 Pass throughs
2X10 45/35 OHS

8min EMOM
Snatch pull+1.1 Power snatch
82.5% of 2RM


10X :30 on 45-60 Off
*Longer rest means higher numbers, goal still is of course consistency

2X10 Bottoms up KB Clean Press
2X400M Jog

Cool Down
Post results


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