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Why Should I Sign Up For The Open 2016?


Why Should I Sign Up For The Open 2016?

 Why should I sign up for the CrossFit Open in 2016? Most of us are concerned with the unknown of not being able to do certain weights or movement that might come up. Or perhaps we don’t want to be judged or have other people watch us do the Open workouts or competing against others – we’ve all been there at some point.  The good thing is that just like in 2015, CrossFit has introduced a scaled division for the Open that now allows everyone to participate! Our goal here at CrossFit Reformation  is to make the “Open” as fun as possible so anyone can take part in this worldwide event. Before deciding to do the Open or not, check out this cool video from CrossFit about ‘Why We Do It‘.

The Open is a great opportunity for us to celebrate the amazing  community of people here in the Yakima Valley. If you haven’t been to a Friday Night Lights event at CrossFit Reformation you are missing out and we would like to invite you (everyone.) Even if you aren’t competing we will need help judging , and cheering so do your best to attend one this year. If we are lucky we might get some of our top competitors to go  head to head and you will have a chance to see them up close and personal. It’s fun to have your fellow members cheering for you, reminding you to get back on the bar and do one more rep, constantly encouraging you to push yourself beyond your limits.

The Open also gives you the oppertunity  to see how much progress you’ve made all year by dedicating yourself to come into the gym regularly. Over the course of the five weeks through the different workouts announced, you will be able to see where your strengths lie and your weaknesses will most likely be exposed – and we all have them,so don’t worry.

With all the talk and hype remember that the Open is not all about competition – its about proving to yourself that you can do it.  Most of are not looking to go to the Games, but instead we are looking for ways to better ourselves. The Open is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate all our hard work from the past year and cherish our health by going out and doing our best. It’s an opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest worldwide sporting events with your CrossFit friends and family.

Every year the when  Open rolls around we see someone do something they didn’t think was possible which goes with our motto of Making The Impossible Possible – perhaps it will be your first snatch with a barbell, your first muscle-up in a competition, setting new PRs left and right – the list goes on. At the end of the day, it’s all about us setting our mind to do something and going out and achieving it. Every year our goal is for every members to  walk away from the CrossFit Open feeling inspired and motivated, ready to set goals for the upcoming year – so sign up now and don’t be the one that regrets not having done it in 2016.

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