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Yakima CrossFit Reformation 11.18.13


Yakima CrossFit Reformation 11.18.13

Prep Work:
2 Rounds:

30 R/L
Partner assisted hip stretch
Sampson stretch
Duck walk 50 Ft



Bulgarian split squats
4×5 with a tempo of 23X3 (2 second decent, 3 second hold, stand up, 3 second rest…repeat)
There is a catch….

After set of squats without resting you will perform 10 walking lunges. This portion will be written out as
4X5 on with a tempo of (23X3) +10 Walking lunges.

Challenge yourself to hold onto some weight during these, any size kb’s or db’s are fine.



Mt. Climbers (1 rep counts as a rep to Left and Right)


ACC Work:

The Pull Up Challenge throughout your day.

Optional Volume challenge for 2-4 weeks.

The goal for this is to perform multiple sets up pull ups everyday except Sunday. Everyday you will take advantage of a spare minute-multiple times. Go over to a pull up bar or anything you have access and do several strict pull ups. Lets say no more then 10 each set. Do not go to a failure point or a “shaking” point, it should be manageable each time not something that is literally going to wipe you out. Space them out also, not back to back sets. You could perform this before a workout, after a workout, before dinner before bed etc…

There will be a 5 min max set each Saturday. The first 2 weeks lets use a pull up grip and the last 2 weeks use a chin up grip. Keep track of your pull ups throughout the week.


Monday 10,10,8

Tuesday 8,10,10

Wed 10,10,10

Thursday 0

Friday 10,10

Sat 5Min Max 35

Sunday REST

Total 141

*Each week you can add more reps in where ever you feel comfortable with no more then 10 at a time.

*If you do choose to take on this challenge commit 2 weeks at the minimum. Monday will be the start of this challenge. Good luck*


Cool Down:

1k Row nice and easy


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22 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Split squats, used 18 lb KBs. I am pretty sore from Saturday so it made today pretty tough. Wod, 9:03. Burpees were great, those mountain climbers got me.

  2. BG

    1st round I used 18 KB. Then went to body wright only. (My back had to much tension)
    WOD was good. Felt a good burn. Tired to put my foot all the way forward next to my hand on all reps. Probably came up short on a few.
    Time 8:04.
    Good 5am class. Everyone is doing awesome.!!

  3. Andrew

    Burpees and mountain climbers on a Monday, thanks guys. I used 30lb dumbbells on the split squats and lunges, quads felt real tight afterwards. WOD was 7:28, but it felt like 30 minutes.

  4. Susan Van Tress

    Started with 18# KBs on the lunges and worked up to 26# KB for the last two rounds. Whew! Those were a good burn! 5:18 on the WOD.

  5. Silvia Rojas

    Note to self: don’t ever take a week off CF cause burpees and mountain climbers almost killed me today! My time was 9:11 and was able to get in 4 pull ups-2 without the band and 2 with. The Bulgarian squats were a little difficult for me so I only used 18lbs KB.

  6. Tiffany Carley

    Used 18# kbs on lunges. Had to do a few lunges with body weight only on the last set. My legs were still sore from sat. 9:34 on the WOD.

  7. B-

    Today was a good day… Started with 44’s first set and felt good, 53’s next two sets and felt pretty good still so I went up to 70’s and that was a different level got through it but man those lunges were wwwaaayyyy worse then the tempo squats.

    The wod was another “fun” one feels good to move. 6:48

  8. Jonathan Douglas

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Split Squat and lunges worked up to the big dogs with Brendan ‘ suggestions. WOD Was fun enough 640? Any lunge is a good lunge.good one today.

  9. ReneeG

    This was a rough one for me since I have not been consistent with my workouts… Splits squats: baby weights on my first round, then 26 for the next two round, finally I bumped up to 35’s to finish it off. Eww. Burpees suck, but burpees and then Mt climbers, that’s just cruel!

  10. T

    Make up day- started with Tabata plank holds then split squats with 18kb then switched to 26 KB for next two rounds. Should have pushed to 30’s in the final round. WOD was 7:10 I felt sluggish and weak after being sick for a week. Finished some tabata airdyne! 5 am crew rocks

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