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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.07.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.07.13

“There are people who spend their entire lives allowing the reflection in the mirror to determine their self-esteem, submitting to a cultural judgment established decades ago. But in CrossFit gyms all over the world, mirrors are conspicuous by their absence. Fitness is gauged in reps, in speed, power, virtuosity. And beauty is measured in joy. And in pride,” says narrator Marty Cej.


Must watch video!!



Write up from Coach Brenden Loyer:

Alright you guys, this Saturday we have an upcoming clinic regarding kipping. I believe the class is full as of last Saturday but don’t worry we will have more available clinics in the future. One thing I do want to stress Pre-clinic is hand care!

So I know in Crossfit there is a lot of Gymnastic movements on the pull up bars. Its awesome being able to control your body moving through space in a graceful manner to where you are able to bang out reps like no ones business. Its awesome… What isn’t awesome though is tearing your hands to a point at where you cant even wash you hands in water…


Yes, there is a time and place to “go for it” and I personally know it is really easy to do when your in the zone.

torn up hands

torn up hands 2


And I have been guilty of it also ↑

What was the benefit of it? No, I didn’t win the competition. I did learn something after a few more bouts with this. ITS NOT WORTH IT! If you destroy your hands to a point that you can’t train the next 4days then you have effectively made life harder and set back training. Congrats… I get that everybody wants to perform to their best ability but if it hinders the next day it probably wasn’t worth it. Listen to your body, If you feel your hands getting tired and you need them for work-Lets change something. If you feel like your hands are about to rip…Stop. I program the workouts everyday for you guys to try and accomplish many things. Hurting yourself is not one of those.


With that being said and I know a lot of you guys are good about this but TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS! This means removing built up callouses, adding gymnastics wraps, taping your hands, Moisturizing, Dis-infecting…

Here are some good videos regarding hand care

-Brenden Loyer

If you’re looking for some ways to prevent/fix ripped calluses, check out this article from Trident Competitions.

Prep Work:

2 rounds

Partner hip mobility

couch stretch 30 sec L/R



Tempo back squat

3X3 of 32X1 (3second decent ,2 second pause ,explosive stand up ,2 second rest at the top)

This should be done lighter then a normal squat we will be covering this in class.

Post Weight to comments



3 Rds for time

15 push ups

10 Double russian swings

5 Goblet squats

10 “Gabes old burpee’s” (Cover this in class)

30 seconds of rest in between rounds

Post weight used and time to comments


Cool down:

5 Turkish Getups

Stay light for these, its a cool down.

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