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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.06.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.06.13

Looks like all the squats have been paying off for those of you who have been following for the last month or so. I saw and heard a lot of good numbers. Remember to post your weight and scores for the conditioning piece to the comments section. We do look at those and it helps us determine how everyone is doing. For those of you that are new and are still dialing in proper technique be patient. Your time will come to shine. Remember, mechanics, consistency, & intensity.

4:30pm class getting their squat on!

4:30pm class getting their squat on!

4:30 class all excited for some sprints.

4:30 class all excited for some sprints.

5:30pm class taking a break before the fun begins.

5:30pm class taking a break before the fun begins.


Many of you met Brenden today and it just so happens that he was due for a heavy back squat sessions so he squeezed it in while some of you were doing the “Death by 10 Meters”. The kid knows how to perform. Here is Brenden hitting a 405lb squat for a PR.


Prep Work:

2 Rounds:

5 snatch deadlifts-10 lb plate
5 Power snatches- 10 lb plate
5 Hang Power Snatch- 10 lb plate

-Rest 30 sec between each rounds.

*Make sure you pick a bar that isn’t too heavy when you add the 10lb plates. This should be light.

Olympic lifting:

Level 1:

Hang Power Snatch:
5,3,5,3,5,3, – Rest 30-60 sec between sets.

*If you are new to Olympic Lifting do level 1 and work on figuring out how to generate upward momentum on the bar. Don’t worry about going heavy.

*The Olympic lift is based primarily on simple concept: Generate momentum and elevation on the barbell. This momentum is generated by a violent vertical extension of the legs and hips

-Post weight and results to comments

Level 2:

Power Snatch :
5,3,5,3, – Rest 2 minutes between sets

* Let technique dictate how heavy you go.
* Be patient before you take accelerate.

-Post weight and results to comments.


10 min AMRAP
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 burpees
35 double-unders/70 Singles

*For the Kettlebell Swings pick a weight you can manage. If you are having to break up the swings early you went too heavy.

-Post rounds+ rep to comments.

Cool Down:

4 min on the Air Dyne:

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