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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.12.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.12.13

Fun and exciting weekend all around. Couple of Athletes including myself got to compete at Pipe Hitters in West Seattle. I am sure by now you guys figured that out on this crazy thing called Facebook. Really proud of Brenden Loyer and Tina Flores Performance, good job.

Something even more exciting though is that My little brother, business partner, coach, pastor, life coach, and the list goes on had his 2nd baby this afternoon. Just want to say congratulation to Jose and his wife Hannah. Knowing my brother I’m sure he will be stopping by the gym in the next couple days, so if you see him not fully functional, you all know why.

Weston Reid Ramos weighed 7.78 ounces 20″

Weston Reid Ramos


Prep work:

3 Rounds of

8 banded pull apart (in front)

8  banded pull pull a parts over head

8 banded dislocates


12 min amrap of max single KB unbroken jerks right/left. After
setting down on both sides take off on a 150ft sprint.
*The goal of this workout is to get as many jerks as possible- two different ways of going about this workout, you can go for big KB sets nice and slow with lots of rest in the rack position or move quickly and try to get the sprints done ASAP. KB weight is totally up to you. Like always pick something challenging.

Cool Down:

Get on the rower and stretch your triceps.


14 Responses

  1. BG #2 (Brynnen)

    107 reps at 53#. My technique…….well lets say there is a little room for improvement. Weight was perfect for where I’m at. Stayed consistent at around 20-30 reps each effort.

  2. Chris Haines

    91 reps at 70lbs
    Sloppy form and a lot of muscling the weight up. Probably should of went with a 53lb. But now I know I can do the 70lb kb….. But form needs to happen first for sure!

  3. ReneeG

    Gabe, you’re not competitive at all!!

    69 reps @ 44-35lb. Not easy, but it re-enforced that jerk movement for me (something I struggle with).

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