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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.13.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.13.13

Prep work:

2 rounds

Banded hip extensions



*30 sec L/R each

Demo Video



5 Rounds

15 Russian KB swings

15 box jumps 24”/20” (step down)

* Maybe go a little heavier because they are russian swings.

-Post weight used and time.


Cool Down:

800 m Run


Chris Haines having some fun.

19 Responses

  1. Tina Flores

    Warm up…ahhh very nice 🙂

    Workout …

    Brenden and Renee talked me into using the 70lb kb 🙂 I am glad I listened 🙂

    Everything felt good with exception that my legs were on fire 🙂

    My time was 6:42.

    Cool Down 800 meter run

  2. Dirk Bernd

    Tina, for real?! Nice work…

    My 70lb 8:20 doesn’t compare to you other studs, but it was a great workout for me. My lower back was pretty tight on the 800 meter jog(barely jogging).

  3. Brynnen

    Since Tina called me out on not posting: used the 70lb KB. finished in 7:41. Weight was fine. Came into the workout with some low back pinching/pain from yesterday’s WOD. So excited for sprints today…….ha!

  4. Judith

    I have no ideal what my time was, but I sure felt that workout… Moved up to the 53lb kb and 20″ box jumps, not too shabby for 5 rounds.

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