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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.19.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.19.13


Prep Work:

3 rounds
7 Banded Pull Apart
7 Banded Dislocates


15 minutes to establish a 1 RM

-Post weight to comments


Power Clean
HSPU/ Ring Push Ups/ Push Ups

* For the power clean don’t go any heavier than 135/95
* For the push up part pick a exercise that is manageable but challenging to your skill level.

-Post weight used and time to comments

Cool down:

Triceps stretch

29 Responses

  1. M Ramos

    175 lbs on the press.. Matched my previous PR from June.. Went for 185 prob should have tried 180

    Used 135 for the wod, did HSPU. Kipped the last 9.

  2. Cory Van Tress

    165 lb. Press, tried 170 had nothing more. 115 for the wod w/ring push ups. 8:13 maybe. I know there was a 3 in there

  3. Tina Flores

    95 press not a new PR but it is the same as my old one so I will take it…WOD was 9:13 or :16 started with HSPU. Got through my first set and think I could have continued on with HSPU but it would have taken me awhile and I think we were supposed to be going for what would be efficient. My clean weight was 95lbs.

  4. Haines

    155# push press same as old pr;( 135# on the cleans and did HSPU. Finished 9:53. I was happy to make it all the way through doing HSPU. Shoulders and triceps were destroyed!!! Good wod today!!

  5. Judith

    Yeah push press’s blah… Lol
    Wod 6:38 at 95lb and push ups. I was being ambitions and wanted to do hspu. Lol after the first rounds I was like yeah aight happening. Lol

  6. Cassy

    press 70#…15lb PR!!!! WOD 4:56 55#/push-ups. Tweaked my low back wrestling jayce around yesterday and was scared to make it worse by adding more weight.

    Cfierro Ramos

  7. Dirk Bernd

    160 press, 7:03?? #135/push ups… Lets just say I had awesome form,for me anyway! Man we have some press studs, nice work Jose!

  8. They Call Me BOOM BOOM

    175lb. push press, 135lb cleans HSPU…don’t remember when I finished, but Im pretty sure some of the people in the 5:30 class caught up to me on them!

  9. Daniel G

    Never done it before, got 155 push press. felt way awkward!
    115 for cleans, regular pushups. I didn’t keep track of time, nor did I realize I was doing this for speed lol figuring about 5-530

  10. Andrea

    95# push press (did this Thursday or I’m betting someone would have realized I’d read “press” as “push press” prior to me finishing. whoops. I’ll have to do a strict press max at a later date!)

    75#on the cleans, plain ol’ push ups. 10:42.

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