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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.20.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.20.13

Thanks you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Prep Work:

Single jump rope

3 Rounds
30 sec on 30 sec off


8 min AMRAP
Double unders30-50/60-100 singles
60m farmers walk AHAP

*Double unders/ singles must be unbroken. Pick a number that you can hit.

-Post weight and results to comments.

Cool Down:

Forearm stretch
Row 500-800m

22 Responses

  1. BG

    Short & Sweet!
    30 Double Under
    Farmers Carry 2 BarBells each with 95 lbs on each bar.
    3 rounds! That was pretty challenging because you had to balance both bars with weight while speed walking!

  2. Tashina

    Fun WOD. 50 doubles but seemed to always mess up between 35 and 40 so not unbroken but i went for the 50’s cause I wanted push myself. Thanks for Brenden and BG pushing me to go to the 50 ?something Lb KB. Didn’t realize I could go that heavy. Finished 4+ 23 doubles.

  3. Andrea

    90 singles, 44# kettle bells for the carry. I got 3 rounds and 78 singles. Glad I went with the 44#s because they were challenging but I was able to move with them!

  4. Jeremy Sinnes

    •8 minute AMRAP
    90 jump rope singles
    60 meter farm carry w/70 lb and 18 pound kettle bells each hand

    I did 5 rounds

    1. Rachel

      Holy Hannah!!!
      53lb kb and 30 double unders I did 4 rounds plus 30 doubles, happy Brenden pushed me to go for the doubles and go heavy, great class today:) Also liked our little after class chat about nutrition!!!

  5. Rachel Garza

    3 rounds at 90 singles and 26lbs kb
    On 4th round marcos set me up with 44 lb kb
    Good eye/unexpected push Marcos!
    So I finished 4 complete rounds

  6. dirk byron bernd

    3 rounds 1st w/du rest singles… farmers carry was a 70lb+53lb each hand… Brenden said to go heavy… I seriously felt my hands/arms floating once I set the weight down and walked towards the jump rope.

    1. Dirk Bernd

      3rounds 1st w/du others were 90 singles. 70lb+53lb farmers carry, brenden said to go heavy… My arms were floating after each farmers carry.

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