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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.23.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.23.13


A couple announcements today. We will NOT have an 8am intro class this Saturday. Please ignore the RSVP schedule as it will still say intro.. Again we will NOT have and 8 intro class this Saturday.

The reason is, we will be getting ready for our next cycle and are asking that any athlete looking to improve their strength within the next 5 weeks on top of the gymnastics, attend our free 8 am orientation that will be covering the new movements. The strength portion will be optional after the daily workout’s 2 times a week. Any questions regarding the cycle we will be happy to answer. The saturday course is mandatory for all people planing on following the additional/optional strength bias. If anybody wants to follow the OPTIONAL strength but is unable to make the Saturday class please contact one of your coaches and we will handle it case by case.

*Note this is not reccomended for everybody doing CrossFit. It is additional volume for those who are experienced.

Well ladies and gentlemen one more to go and onto our next cycle starting Monday.

Prep Work:

3 Rounds
5 KB Windmills
25 ft of inch worms



Establish a 1 Rm

-Post weight to comments.

50 Cal Airdyne test

Cool down:

8 Scorpion Stretches
Banded Hamstring stretch

26 Responses


    Great class his week. Luv me some dead lifts. Old PR Jan 13 365lbs. Hard work, great training, awesome coaching equals new PR 385.!! BOOM.
    Good job to everyone at 5am class.

  2. rambomar

    Got 405 jumped up to 435 failed twice!! Previous PR was 425 so it was PR or bust, and i busted:). Need some serious work on my DL feel like i should be lifting a lot more, haha. Im you dirk my back squat is catching up to my DL.

    Airdyne like always “sucked” 1:35 felt good about that until dirk said he got 1:15.

  3. Cory Van Tress

    You all pulled solid numbers. 315 lbs. Legs need some work. Airdyne? Not sure on my time, forgot to reset the timer, sure felt fast though hahaha.

  4. Tina Flores

    265…no PR for me…airdyne 2:34 I think….Had fun with the 5 am ‘ers 🙂 Brenden told me I wouldn’t come and being a woman I couldn’t let him be right…now only if he would tell me I can’t squat 250 🙂

  5. Andrea

    Dead lift 185# this morning. My PR was 190# ages ago with some really janky form to get that weight up so I’m actually quite happy with the 185#. I think my form was much much better thanks to some coaching tips from Jose! I’ll be chasing 200# soon enough 🙂

  6. Valerie

    Tonight was my first time doing the deadlift. I lifted a lot more than I thought I could. My deadlift was 125. Thank you, Brenden for your help! My airdyne was 3:25.

  7. sandra

    265# 40# pr….I think I could have done 270 says coach but ran out of time. Air dine 2:10….I neeeed to strengthen my hammies 🙂

  8. Susan Van Tress

    155# dead lift 2:56 airdyne. Thank you Brenden for coaching and thank you Valerie for partnering with me!! Lifting heavy is a whole new world for me and I think I like it 🙂 🙂

  9. Alisha Salinas

    225# on dead lift, new PR by 60#!! It’s been a few months since my last PR but I’ll take it! Definitely a lot stronger than I thought! Forgot to set the timer on the Air Dyne but felt every Cal of it!

  10. Springer

    405# Deadlift, dropped the first attempt, hit the second attempt fairly well. Felt like I left a little in the tank, and played it a bit on the cautious side. I believe 405 is a new PR. Went head to head with Brenden on the Airdyne, and lost by a few, my timer showed 1:00.

  11. sandra

    Ps since I am off facebook and cant respond to posts. I am guessing on new equipment: tires, hammers, sprinting cords, weighted bags, cement balls , or the PIG ohhh hugeeee tree logs boooo I like the protein shake machine idea better ☆★☆★

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