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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.26.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.26.13

No time to waste, we are moving right along into our 2nd Cycle! We will be focusing more on gymnastics and body weight movements. The goal for these next 5 weeks will be to educate everyone on how certain movements should be performed and help you find where you are at and progress accordingly! It will be important that you find out where you are in the progression and make sure you are doing the movements properly before moving to the next progression.

Prep Work:

Establish what portion of the gymnastics chain you are on. Every one starts from beginning no jumping up to the hardest step.

You will have to perform 7 reps before you can move on and start working on the next progression. Make sure and rest in between sets. Remember which progression you are on because you will need this for the following weeks.

1)Banded Chin
2)Banded Chest to Bar Chin
4)Chest to Bar Chin
5)Banded pull up
6)Banded Chest to Bar pull up
7)Pull up
8)Chest to Bar pull up
9)Ring pull up

***Note these are all strict movements. NO Kipping.

The movement that you feel “challenged” with should be your set movement for the workout


4 Rounds for time of the following:

10 reps @ Gymnastics step 1-9.
200m suitcase carry 53/70
10 burpees
rest 1 min in between rounds.

– No Kipping for your pull ups.

**** Optional Strength. Substitute the suitcase carry for farmers carry-stay light

**** 55% of 1RM squat for 20 reps. MIDBAR

– Post results for prep work/WOD and strength(optional) to comments.

Cool Down:

Scorpion stretch/lat stretch”

20 Responses

  1. sandra

    May I give my 10 cents. These are a lot of shoulder movements. Its important to strengthen the muscles of your entire shoulder. No one wants a rotator cuff tear trust me from experience. on you tube you can find great rotator cuff strength exercises do them daily. It will save you. Ok I am done

  2. BG

    Funny I was thinking that we haven’t done many pull ups. Well today is the day. I told the coaches that it looked easy, but then I started to do them and was mistaken 🙂

    Got to # 7 Pull Ups only did 4. So I well scale back donw to # 6. Thought I was dojng good tell I hear coach “B” saying… BG No kipping. Don’t know why he has to yell at me 🙂 lol

    Farmers carry KB 53-44-53-44. Dirk & I switched each round.

  3. Tasha M

    Got to #3, could not do one strict pull up! I’ve never been able to do one, hope that changes soon. :} I don’t remember exact time, but 18 something I believe. Chin to bar chin-up using blue and red band (may just use one next time), one KB carry using 44lb, and burpees. Used 55lb for the strength squats, will do 65 on Monday.

  4. Jeremy Sinnes

    4 rounds for time
    •10 strict chin ups
    •200 meter farmer carry 53 pound kettle bells
    •10 burpees
    •1 minute rest between rounds

    TIME: 17:08

  5. Ash

    Reporting from Renton, WA…

    Didn’t get very much sleep and didn’t feel great, but I still managed to talk myself into working out.

    Prep Work: Got to #4 and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get all of the strict C2B chins.

    WOD: Finished right at 14 minutes with strict chins and 44# bells for the carry.

    SWOD: According to the % I should have used 140#, but I didn’t have 2.5lb plates so I went with 145#. Today showed me how quad dominant I really am, midbar will probably be really beneficial for me (you were right B). These lit up my lower back pretty good, hope that means I was doing them right?

    …and what better way to strengthen the shoulder than with some good, old-fashioned pull ups??

  6. Tina Flores

    Got to #4 but failed at rep 5 so I did #3 chin-ups. 35lb kb farmers carry. Time 19:19. 125 pound squats…new squat not so sure I am doing it correctly :/

  7. Janel

    Today was rough. I’m usually the last one finished. Trying not to be discouraged. Started off with 43# but went to 35. Finished in 29 minutes.

  8. Andrea

    Don’t worry about finishing last Janel! You’re only competing against yourself. As long as you’re just a bit faster and a bit stronger than yesterday, that’s what matters. Also, not throwing up: I think that matters too 😛

    Got to the banded chin ups. Probably if I’d grabbed a thicker band I might have gotten more than zero chest to bar chin ups, but ah well. Finished the wod in something like 26:13 with 44# kettle bell for the suitcase carry.

  9. Dirk Bernd

    Got 3-4 strict chin-ups… Ended going red,green,red on the bands for chin-ups chest to bar … Think brenden was entertained each time I got banded up. Like Berno said farmers carry 44/55/44/55 time???
    #205 for the squat tough and was breathing really are when done… Gonna go up 10#’s for next week.

  10. Springer

    I rocked level 0 (jumping pull-ups) like a mother ……Can we go back to squats? Seriously though, I’m looking forward to improving in this area. Did 35# on the farmers carry, finished around 22:50. Kept it light on the mid-bar squat with 95#, should’ve been at 155# but I wanted to really focus on form and not falling over.

  11. ReneeG

    This was a burner..

    I am back on band #1 progression 🙁
    -it’s cool, that’s what I’m here for!

    Used 53KB the entire WOD, finished @ 24:59, just under the wire.

    90# MBBS, it took me a while to get used to these. *I hate them*

  12. Tashina

    Humbling experience. Only got to 6 on #2 on the pull-up portion. So I did red band chin ups. 35# farmers carry. Forgot to write my time. Forearms and Lats are spent.

  13. M Ramos

    Finished #7

    Did #7 for the pull ups
    this workout was harder then i thought.
    53’s farmers carrys
    took me like 23ish minutes and i forgot to do burpees. Thanks Brenden

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