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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.28.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 08.28.13

Prep work:

3 Rounds of
10 Good mornings
5 inch worm push ups

Optional strength:

**** close grip bench 5,5,5+

Post weight used


100 DB/KB russian swing

-Every 25 swings you will set the bells down and take off on a 200M run

-If you set the bells down before the 25 mark you take off on a 200M run

*each time you set the bells down its 200M mandatory, you must perform a minImum of four 200M runs

-Post weight used and time

Accessory work:

3 rounds
12 bent over rows
30 hollow rocks

26 Responses

  1. BG

    Nice hump day burn!
    Strength Bench Press: 5,5,5 +5
    135,155, 185, 185 10 reps

    WOD: 100 KB Swings @ 44lbs + (4) 200 meter run. Did 25 unbroken each time. Tired 53 KB on first round but form was about as ugly as seeing Ryan Wisner ( AKA DIRT ) that early in the morning! lol
    Time: 8:21

  2. Wiz

    Started with 44 then went up to 53. Each set unbroken.

    BG last set was the 16s don’t let him fool you guys. He’s a salesman.

  3. Tina Flores

    Bench Press 110,110,110 for 10 reps 🙂


    44double kb
    200 meter run

    25 reps unbroken each round
    4 total 200 meter runs


    Tried a few reps with the 53’s but did not feel like it would be a safe idea. Sorry on my last two rounds when I would hit around the 20th rep there was some unusual grunts coming out 🙂

    1. Tasha M

      WOD: 8:03. Used 26lb Kb, will use 36 next time per Brenden! :} Unbroken with the 200 meter run.

      Strength: 45lb bench press. Stayed with the same weight to get the feel of it. I don’t think I did enough resting time in between sets, because I was very tired by the end of the last set. 5, 5, 5 and then 10. Will add weight next time.

  4. ReneeG

    44# double KB (decided to challenge myself)
    first round unbroken
    second round 16/9
    third round 18/7
    forth round unbroken, I had my cheerleaders and they wouldn’t let me drop!
    6 – 200m runs (ewww)


    65-75-75 (8reps) my lats started to cramp up or i could have gotten a few more in.

  5. Tashina

    Bench- 55,65,75,85X 15.
    WOD – time 11:13 or 12:13 can’t remember.
    KB 35# Unbroken in rounds 1,3,4
    2nd round 18/7
    200m run x5 🙁

  6. jramos1808

    12:44 62# for 2 rounds. Droped at 16 in second round. lost my rythm and came back and finish with 62’s then went down to 53’s and went unbroken for the last 2 rounds

  7. Valerie

    WOD time – 9:20. I used two 18lb KBs the first round and then had to drop down to one 18lb KB for the last two – Russian Twists. I also used two 18lb KBs for the bent over rows.

  8. Boom Boom

    4Rds. all at 53lb KB’s Unbroken Time- 8:32 (Not too heavy, but wanna work on technique)/
    Close-grip bench: 5-135,5-165,5-185

  9. Alisha Salinas

    WOD- 26# Double KB 4 rounds unbroken x25 + 200m run x4= 9:03

    STRENGTH- Close Grip Bench
    35# x5, 55# x5, 65# x13
    Haven’t done bench in a VERY long time so was content with what I got.

  10. Tanya GL

    35# double kb 8:39
    (I would have used the 44’s but they were all gone. 😉 Ok, ok so I think they may have killed me, but they were really gone.)

    Bench 85, 85,85, 85×10.
    Would have liked to go a little heavier but wanted to see how my shoulder would feel. So far so good, but we’ll see tomorrow.

  11. Dirk Bernd

    This was a tough one for me, 53lbs double set 3 15/10, rest unbroken pretty sure I had the slowest time today.

    Bench 5@135 185 n 205

  12. Ash

    SWOD: Went with 95# to kick off benching and got 5, 5, 15 (I was pretty sure it’s a rule to stop at 15 in the 5+ round)

    WOD: Did unbroken with double 44’s and got in just under 17. Seeing all the comments I suppose I could have gone faster 😉 oh well, next time. Double KB’s are a challenge for me, so I was happy that my mind told my body that it wasn’t going to put the bells down.

    Accessory: Stayed light with rows with 15# DB’s. Arms were fried and I wanted to put in clean, beneficial reps. Hollow rocks are feeling better than ever.

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