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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.02.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.02.13


Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend! Crazy how the older we get the faster time passes by. I can’t believe it’s already September.

New month new goals. I challenge everyone to set a couple goals for this month. Feel free to e-mail the coaches or even comment on here and allow your follow athletes to hold you accountable.

Don’t forget Monday we are only open for 3 classes. 8am, 9am,10am. The RSVP times weren’t updated but if you want to RSVP lets say the 5am slot would be 8am(6am would be 9am) and so forth, hope that makes sense.

Prep work:

3 rounds

3 reverse Wall walk

10 double burpees

WOD for time:

Level one:


Wall balls


Level two:


2-for-1 wall balls

toes 2 bar

-Post time to comments.

Gymnastic/Accesory work:

Gymnastics progression in which you started but failed to finish


*Example- If you made it to the un-assisted strict chest to bar pull ups but were not able to complete your sets of 7. You will do un-assisted strict pull ups.

-Post results to comments

Optional strength:


**** Take last weeks Mid-Bar squat weight adjust +/- 0-20lb

(note-This is an un-assisted squatting session if you are not comfortable with squatting or were unable to make it to the athlete briefing Aug. 24th the daily WOD will be plenty challenging)

-Post weight and results to comments.

Cool down:

Forearm stretch/Lat stretch

9 Responses

  1. Dirk Bernd

    20-10-20-10-20 19:49
    Wasn’t feeling the squats 225 stopped at 6reps
    Just a note… If I see double burpees n wall walks again I’ll no show!

  2. sandra

    50-40-30-20-10 14lb ball. Toes to bar. I don’t know if it was just Monday or what but I was sucking wind. I’m just happy to leave with an intact face. Strict chin to bar 7×3/ strength 95 lbs mid bar squat. Great WOD I like having the lvl 1/lvl2 options set up back.

  3. Tashina

    50-40-30-20-10 blue mediball time 14:46. Almost talked with Ralph after the WOD but was able to breathe through it. My backward self did 3 rounds of 7 banded chin ups!

  4. M Ramos

    Level 2 about 13:15
    7×3 Strict Pull Ups
    Mid bar 205×15 fort started to go and i started to bounce out of the hole so i racked it.

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