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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.04.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.04.13

They just keep showing up! I’m pretty sure I heard someone call this one “Gold Digger”. Just so I don’t get the blame for all of it. I’d like to thank Corey and Tanya for picking this beauty up. In their defense if I recall correctly I think Corey’s first response was something along the lines of “why would I do that”?


Prep work:

3 rounds of
10 partnered power swings (rest is the switch)

Tech. Learning the single bell snatch



KB snatches R/L


60M sprint(one per round)

** For your plyo-push-up do a push up with one hand on a 45lb plate then switch sides this equals one rep.

-Post weight and time to comments.

Optional Strength:

Bench press:


5+ means go as many reps as possible(no more than 15)

If you hit the reps below last week add weight accordingly.

0-4=you do not add weight
5-9=you add 5lb
10-14=you add 10lb
15=you add 15lb

-Post weight to comments

Cool Down:

400M run

Forearm stretch

22 Responses

  1. Berno Gonzalez GO NINERS..!

    Luv the KB partner swings. Great KB training. And awesome 5am class!

    WOD: 35 lbs KB & Medicine Ball alternating Push Ups! ( Thx 2 Jose & Brenden )
    Time 14:27. Still feeling Vegas 🙂

  2. ReneeG

    I used baby weights.. But my left arm would not cooperate!! This was a good workout to develop form!

    22:18 (I think or 24-something)

    Plyo-push-ups suck!!!

    I did 8@85 on bench press. Then my lats cramped.. It’s a curse!

  3. dirk bernd

    20ish minute wod today, was that JD or a super hero wod’ing in the 5am class this morning? I did get my sweat on, that’s what mattered for me, no go on the bench today.

  4. Valerie

    17:52 WOD – I did regular push ups. Probably a good idea to get a normal push up down before advancing. I can barely lift my arms… Good workout.

  5. Tina Flores

    18:27 with 35lb kb’s …plyo push-ups …ain’t nobody got time for that! Tried to bench press but my arms were quivering. I could snatch all day but those push-ups were brutal! Very happy lady that my hubby came to WOD!!!

  6. Haines the Great ;)

    12:10 great workout!! The training on the KB snatch was awesome! i felt way more confident on kb snatch. I used #44kb, which werent to bad, but it was good to work on form. And the plyo push ups sucked ha!!

  7. Judith

    26kb, plyo push up, 60m run @ 18:02. Lost count some here between sets of 6 and 4, so I went back to 5. Lol The push ups killed me… Bench press 5,5,10 at 75lb arms were burn out. Tomorrow is going to suck….

  8. Tanya Gutierrez Leishman

    17:20, I think. Used the 35 lb kb on my left arm and the 26lb on the right. Still babying my shoulder but it felt good tonight. Plyo pushups sucked.

  9. Chela

    KB snatches @ 26lbs w regular push-ups cuz those plyo ones were horrible & sprints- time 14:05
    Bench pressed 80lbs x 10
    Should have used lighter weighting KB but had to keep up w Claudia:) LOL!!

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