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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.10.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.10.13

Prep work:

3 rounds
20 squats
30sec stripper stretch


500M row for time

** Notes from Coach. This is an all out effort!

-Post time to comments

If you are waiting for your turn on the rower you can continue with the days mobility work.


After everybody has completed the 500M row we will all pick up and do a farmers carry 400M

-Post weight and time to comments

Cool Down:

Watch the videos and come prepared. This is time that everyone should take advantage of and work on better range of motion.

Mobility on your Forearms, Hips and Ankles.

27 Responses

  1. BG

    The row kick my butt today!! And the farmers carry. Wasn’t feeling it I guess. I dropped the 70KB more then I should of. And I don’t know about this so called “Stripper Stretch” lol
    ROW: 1:44
    Farmers Carry 70KB

  2. Dirk Bernd

    500 m row 1:26.1 (why the 10th? Might count for that next pr?)
    400m farmers 79# @4:03
    Forearms felt like they were going to explode, saw near death on the row.

  3. Tina Flores

    1:52 500 meter row…I think short people should get 15 seconds taken off.

    5:28 53lb kb

    This cycle is humbling 🙁 I want my barbell back 🙂

  4. Andrea

    Today I learned new pain doing that roll-out thing for your calves. It’s never a good sign when you have to be repeatedly reminded to breathe.

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