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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.14.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.14.13


Prep Work:

Is going to be the Handstand GYM Progression that we started on 3 weeks ago

15 Min Handstand Progression

-Post progress to comments


Complete the following at the same weight all the way across the workout, The Goblet squat will be a single bell heavier then your other bells.

EX: Athlete carries 53′s the entire WOD till the Goblet squat-He then will use a 79 lb KB for the Goblet squat.

200M Double KB FRONT—Rack carry (Try not to set the bells down during this portion. Rest can be in the rack position that we worked on Wednesday).

20 Double KB Front squats

200M Waiters Walk (One bell overhead one bell down by the side in the opposite hand).

20 Goblet squats (single bell heavier then the other carries in this workout).

-Post time and weight to comments

Cool Down:


10 Responses

  1. Jeremy Sinnes

    Time 10:28
    200m Goblet Walk KB
    •53 pound KB’s
    20 Front Squat KB
    •53 pound KB’s
    200m waiter walk
    •44 pound KB’s
    20 Goblet Front Squats
    •79 pound KB

  2. sandra

    •Front rack 44lb kbs 200 meter carry
    •front rack 20x=squat 2 at 44lb kbs
    finished the rest at 35lb kbs
    •waiters carry 35lbs kbs 200 meters
    •front goblet squat x20= 44lbs
    •forgot to do burpees so did them when I got home x20.
    the waiters carry killed me!
    17:50 time. Had to clean my house right after couldn’t lift my arms. 🙁

  3. Hollywood

    I don’t remember my time…I was two busy sucking air…I used 63lb and 79lb…and gabe beat me :/….thank to Tina for getting me through it!

    1. Used 62lbs KB dropped once for the front rack db KB walk. Was able to use 62’s through out the workout and finished the goblet squats with 79lb. 11:03 including my 5 burpees for dropping.

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