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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.16.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.16.13

“Work hard and you can have whatever you want.”

Prep work:

2 rounds:
25ft duck walk
Couch stretch 30 sec L/R
Table top stretch 30 sec L/R


15 min to establish 5 rep front squat.

*** (Use this time to get comfortable in the front rack position. You will notice that it is very similar to a high-bar back squat.. Goal is to keep those elbows up and squat all the way down bellow parallel)

-Post weight to comments.


3 rounds

30 sec sprint on the airdyne
30 sec rest

Right after the 3rd round of airdyne sprints you will go into.

2 min amrap alternating JUMPING lunges.

**Knee must touch the floor.

**Keep moving fast on this!

Accessory work:

5×5 pull ups progression on which you failed on 8.26.13

If this is your first week go through the progression.

Cool down:

Mobility. Take this time to work on areas needing attention


15 Responses

  1. BG

    Burpees + Airdyne not a good combo after eating Hot Wings, Nachos and a few cold ones on Sunday!
    Front Squats 5 Rep Max 190 actually felt pretty good.

  2. Springer

    Front Squat 205×5, 225×3

    Banded Chin Ups

    Air dyne smoked my legs, left hammy wasn’t happy so no jumping lunges just straight lunges. The lunges were pretty brutal after the Air dyne. Good workout.

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