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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.23.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.23.13

Some footage from the last couple weeks!

Prep work:

We will be testing our Pull Up (gymnastic) Progression today.

You will be going through the same pull up progression you performed on 8-26-13. The only difference this time is that YOU get to choose where to start, you don’t have to start at the beginning of the progression.

Notes from coach. You can use the step leading up to the progression that you choose for your warm up. Remember the goal is to get 7 reps before moving to the next progression. Take your time, these are all strict movements.

When you cannot move to the next level on the progression you will perform a max effort set at whatever level of the pull up progression you choose.

***Remember we have been working on your strict gymnastic movements each week. Focus on how much your form and your ability to perform reps has increased.***

-Post results to comments

Gymnastic Pull Up Progression:

1)Banded Chin
2)Banded Chest to Bar Chin
4)Chest to Bar Chin
5)Banded pull up
6)Banded Chest to Bar pull up
7)Pull up
8)Chest to Bar pull up
9)Ring pull up




2 warm up sets then you will perform max set of unbroken wall balls.

*Choose a weight and level that will challenge you but at the same we don’t want you to just get 2 reps and call it good.

Optional Strength:

This will be your last set of 1x 20 rep. Take your weight from 09-09-13 and  +/-20lbs.

Perform a mid bar back squat. This will take place of the wall balls if you have been doing optional strength. If you havent been following the optional strength  for the last 5 week, do NOT substitute the wall ball workout for the optional strength.

-Post weight to comments

Cool Down:

400m run

Banded arm stretch

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  1. BOOM

    7 band chin ups, 7 chin ups, 7 chest to bar chin ups, 7 band pullups, 7chest to bar pullups (Yeah, now I know why the medicine ball felt so heavy) lol

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