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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.25.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 09.25.13

I posted this on Facebook earlier and it probably won’t be the last time:). We will be selling CrossFit Reformation wrist bands at the gym. All proceeds will be going to the Swift family. We were originally going to sell them for $3 but since we decided to donate all the money from this to the family we will be selling them for $5. Remember this is for a good cause so even if you have to skip your coffee for the day and buy a few….you are making a huge difference in this families’ life. If you aren’t a member but are interested in helping please feel free to stop by or reach out to us. For more information on what is going on check out our UPCOMING EVENTS tab.

Prep work:

3 rds

10 partner assisted power swings
30sec handstand progression hold

Kettlebell WOD:

Level one
Single bell complex
12 Russian swing
6 cleans
12 push press
6 long cycles

5 attempts total. Working up to as heavy as possible
Left side and right side must be completed to move up

Post weight to comments

Level two
12 Double KB Russian swing
6 Double KB cleans
6 Double KB push press
12 Double KB long cycles

5 attempts total. Working up to as heavy as possible

Post weight to comments

Optional Strength:

If you have been following this for the last 4 weeks perform this before the KB work.

Bench Press:

Take 10 min to work up to a 3rep max

Cool down:
Banded arm stretches
5 min on the air-dyne

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