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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.11.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.11.13

10 Ways to Plateau, Burn Out, and Avoid Getting Strong

If you want to stop your strength gains right in their tracks, there are plenty of ways you can do so. Tried and tested by countless athletes worldwide, these are sure-fire ways to halt your progress, or maybe even send you backwards. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience burn out in the process.- Chet Marjoria


Prep Work:

Runners agility



3x 400M

repeats 2 min rest in between Keep track of your splits.

Goal is to maintain a time, Not to Have one fast time.

Post your split times to comments



12 Min Amrap

Level 2

10 Handstand Pushups,

15 Wall balls 12′/10′

25 American swings 53/35


Level 1

10 Pushups

15 Wall balls 10′/9′

25 Russian swings 53/35

(Inspired from Crossfit Invictus)


Post your rounds + reps to comments


Cool Down:

Partner up Stretch


11 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    1:48, 1:46,1:46 400m. Wod I did push-ups, 20# WB and used 53# KB for AS. Did 3+23. Felt good but slowed down after 2 rounds.

  2. Jonathan Douglas

    Run- 1:27, 1:36?, 1:15? Whatever Ted put down …

    WOD x 5rds

    Push ups
    Double 44lb thrusters instead of wall ball
    53lb swings

  3. BG

    Run was 1:50, 1:38, & 1.. Something.
    WOD 1st round Level 2 HSPU Wall Balls 53KB American Swings
    Round 2&3 Push Ups Wall Balls American Swing 53KB.
    3 rounds + 11 Reps.

  4. Claudzilla

    1:55 1:55 2:02

    Used 35lb KB did level one and got 4+41 9 more swings away from 5 rounds!

    Was brutal not gonna lie. The running sucked! A LOT! Unless you have a vodka soda waiting for me at the finish line…ain’t nobody got time!

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