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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.14.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.14.13


Prep work:

3 Rds

Table top stretch R/L

Duck Walk 24′



Tempo Squat

3X3 of 24X3

compare to last Monday

Post weight to comments



3 Rds of

10 DB KB russian swings

10 DB KB front squats

10 Burpee’s

This is a sprint…

Post weight and time to comments


ACC Work:

Plate pinch 2 min

*Go up in weight from previous set


Cool Down:

800M Jog



17 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    135×3, 165×3, 185×3 on squats. I feel my squats are improving. 6:53 for the wod w/44# KB. Barely could breath after the first round, it’s funny how quick the first round is compared to the last round. Ran a mile for the cool down. Good Monday!

  2. BG

    Tempo Squat. 135,165,165 right hip was to stiff. Didn’t want to push myself to much. Plus our count was real slow.
    WOD Time 6:25 44KB tired to go unbroken, but the front squats got to me. Need more Mo’ bility 🙂 right side of body has no flex in it.
    Ran a mile with the crew as a cool down.

  3. sandra ricking

    tempo squat 24:3 3×3: 145, 155, 155. WOD 4:40 I think I forgot what I wrote on the board 35 double KB. Used my new bright yellow and quoting some one “very small shoes”, my tempo squat felt slightly quicker.

  4. T

    Don’t recall my weight for the squats 95 then 125 or 135 but WOD 4:59 with 35 # KB. I felt spent it was a good. Trying to push myself with KB. I wasn’t strong enough to go unbroken but limited my rest time.

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