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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.16.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.16.13

Prep work:

2 Rds 45/35lb

6 Snatch pulls from high hang

6 Snatch Grip High Pulls

6 High Hang Power Snatch



10 min establish a Hang snatch

Last weeks lift was dedicated only for tech. Today if you are feeling comfortable you can work into a heavy weight (let tech still be a determining factor)

Post weight to comments



5 Rds

20 Russian Twists (any weight)

8 Push ups

120M DB KB Gorilla Grip carry (down in finger tips, no thumb)


Post results to comments



3X10 on ring dips…Going to be working into muscle ups soon…

Scale option is to use boxes as supports.


Cool Down:

Mobility of your choice/Run/Row

17 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Pretty discouraging day for me. Snatch=non existent, dropping below parallel with anything above my head is proving to be very challenging.

    Wod was like 15:20 used 20# medicine ball and 53# KB. Oh well I was there and gave my best Wednesday 5 AM effort

  2. BG

    Snatch work helps. Need more of it. Felt pretty good on the weight.
    WOD I used the 25 pound plates for the Russian Twist, because everyone had the medi balls.
    Gorilla Carry 62lb KB becuse Dirk & JD took all the heavy KB lol.
    Time 14:26.
    It was a good mid-week WOD!
    Another great morning for the 5am crew!

  3. Tina

    105 snatch…it felt heavy 🙁 and did not look very pretty 🙁

    Used a 20lb ball and 53lb kb…don’t know a time.

    Felt really tired today.

  4. Susan Van Tress

    The snatch movement freaks me out.. I never ever would have tried this lift outside of crossfit… it is a very intimidating movement..but understanding the technique has helped me understand the movement and get more comfortable.. I will work on my Patrick Star and I am confident it will come together! Thank you coaches! As for the WOD it was great.. Went heavier than usual on my KB and I am going to feel it.. Love it!

  5. I love the coaching when learning these lifts, still have a looooong way to go with my mobility but feel like it is slowly improving. Liked working with PVC pipes to get my technique down.
    Used 20lb ball and 44lb kb for the WOD.

  6. Judith

    Snatch at 85lb, I try to stay with form and didn’t go very high on weight. Still need to work on it, my landing stands are horrible

  7. Boom Boom

    Hang snatch: 95,115,135,155 (Failed on my first try on 95, but that usually happens on my first try’s. After that I got my groove back and that 155 felt like it was just the bar)
    **That WOD was tough, I got a DNF for the day**

  8. Rosa

    My balance and coordination were off today but I am loving the newness of everything. For the snatch I worked mostly on technique and keeping the bar close to my body. I tend to want to throw it out. Still working on my squat but happy with my progress considering this is class #4 or #5. Not sure of the weight of the ball, KB’s were 26’s. Arms are feeling the lovely burn 🙂

  9. Claudilla

    I love me some snatches! I stayed w 55lbs and went up by 10 lbs for one but I wanted to practice my form. It’s amazing how much more comfortable I am throwing weight over my head. My OHS felt solid as my back squat has improved! Feeling so much better than I did this time last year that’s for sure! I basically had to start from the ground up in the garage because form was horrible! Thanks to Marcos for his patience w me 🙂
    I used the 44’s for the WOD and the 14lb ball I think.

    More oly work during the week! And pick a date when I’m here for the weekend! Lol

    Awesome day!

  10. Chela

    Snatches felt better today than last week & I even went heavier than last week
    Used 14lb ball for twists & used 35lb KB for the farmers carry could have gone heavier

  11. Tiffany Carley

    Back was really tight and sore today. Practiced my form with 35pd bar. Used 12 med ball for twists. Worked hard to do push ups from toes. Used 35pd kb for walk. Don’t know time.

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