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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.18.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 10.18.13

You hear us talk about being smart with your training and to train with a purpose and not just do random things. There is a difference between Random and Varied. Are we saying don’t work out two times a day? Not necessarily, but we are saying to be smart, at the end of the day you are the only one that knows your body. Should you rest? YES!!! Hate to break it to you but you aren’t Rich Froning Jr.


Good article we came across.
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“Constantly Varied” vs Random: Do You Know the Difference?



“The volume of loading has grown noticeably, in recent years. However, it is impossible to agree with the viewpoint that an increase in the volume of training work is considered the sole or at best, the most accessible opportunity for raising the effectiveness of the athlete’s preparation. In contrast to the volume, the rational structuring of the loading is of great significance in any type of sport!. … The fact is that it is simpler and easier to increase the volume of loading, than to search for effective means of special training. That is why this method is so commonly used in practice.”

– Spencer Arnold “Outlaw Way” Coach posted this on their blog.


Prep work:

3 rds of

24′ inch worm

10 partner assisted power swings 53/35

Lat stretch :30 R/L



3 Rds For time

400M run

10 Deadlifts

20 C2B Pull Ups

400M run

Rest 3 Min between rounds

*Pick a weight that you can pull for 10 reps unbroken do not go heavier than 315/225

*Scaling option for run, 40/30 cal air-dyne sprint, or 500M row

Post weight and time to comments


Cool Down:


10 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Today was a tough work out. Time was like 28:30 not too sure of it. Used 225 for dead lifts. For the most part they felt good. C2b I did the first 12. Then had to use a band. Still working on my kip, the clinic helped a lot but now I just need more time using it. The run felt OK. My hands and grip are glad it is the weekend, much needed rest. As fun as the oly class sounds, I am spent for the week. Looking forward to Monday and beyond!

  2. BG

    Run, Run, Run… Why?? It’s one of my many weakness, so I’m glad that we are doing it.
    250lbs Deadlifts
    C2B Round 1&2 went good 3 was a challenge. Only if I could run like JD!
    5am crew is killing it! Everyone did great today!
    Good WOD week Coaches!!

  3. T$

    Run and run and run some more. WOD was 28:18. Running doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s difficult for me to relax my shoulders and upper body during my run so I waste energy during my run. Shoulder felt good no pain in the C2B but that extra 10 lb weight gain makes me feel like a little b+€£h on them. It feels like I am wearing a weighted vest. Must get stronger or drop some weight.

  4. Jonathan Douglas

    I was trying to catch Ted … he had a nice gallop going. 275 on the DL, run was fun, pull ups with numb fingers = no bueno … eventually my frog will look like a kip 🙂

  5. sandra

    Ugh I kept forgetting to do the Dang 2nd run so my time sucked. 25:43. Chest to bar kipping form with green band. 185 dead lift

  6. Valerie

    WOD 25:35
    75 on the deadlift
    15 Banded Pullups, then 6 (I switched to a thinner band), then 11 (switched back to the thicker band.
    This was a hard workout.

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