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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.05.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.05.13

So after posting on Facebook  about our ” On ramp course” Starting December 5th .  I got a lot of e-mails asking what this was. We are working on coming up with a program that everyone of our new members will go through. What will an “on ramp course” consist of?

The emphasis of the On-Ramp sessions will be skill development and exposure to our basic movements. It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing CrossFit group classes. We will be emphasizing technique — to ensure your safety and to ensure success at the next level.

  • First, we will introduce you to technique and mechanicsTHEN increase intensity.
  • We will teach you basic skills that progressively become more technical as you become comfortable..
  • The difficulty of these workouts in ultimately in your hands. The degree that you push yourself will determine how much you learn. The class is called “On Ramp” for a specific reason – we want to ramp you up to the level of intensity and output that is inherent in our group classes.
  • Shifts in body composition are one of the most motivating ways to measure success (weight shouldn’t matter, how your clothes fit & how you look naked should!). We highly encourage you to take “Before” pictures at the beginning of On-Ramp class.
  • The classes will be capped at around 15 participants to ensure that everyone gets the proper attention they deserve. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will learn CrossFit!
Now none of these excuses apply!
  • It’s too intense for me.
  • I’m not familiar with any of these exercises.
  • I want to be in better shape before I get into CrossFit classes.
  • I won’t be able to keep up.
  • I’m a beginner!


Prep Work:


50ft Duck walk

50Ft Inch worm(no pushup)



100 Calories for time

on the rower or Air-Dyne


3 Rds of

:30 Max pull ups

:30 rest

:30 Max Burpees

:30 Rest

Post results to comments.


Cool down:

Mobility of your choice

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