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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.08.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.08.13

So today I come into the 5am class. Thursday’s are usually a little slower as most people take it off or come in sporadically and work on skills, mobility or other things that they feel they need additional work on.  I chat with everyone, and ask what people were working on everyone gets warmed up and start doing their thing. Two girl’s catch my eye as they are fairly new, to not only CrossFit but to working out in general. I start observing as they set up their bar and start Back Squatting. Not only are they back squatting but are doing tempo squats, they finish their set and I am thinking they are done, but i was wrong. They set up their bar and start doing some deadlifts, nothing crazy they keep it light and are really focusing on keeping proper form, they continue to add weight and I noticed that they are getting a little out of their comfort zone and i can see them getting a little excited. I see these two girls get this look in there eye’s, you know that look like oh man we are feeling good, should we keep adding weight? I don’t say much just kind of watch them as I talk to other athletes, they continue to do their own thing. I continue to watch them, and I notice Monica.

.Monica DL

She has this look like man, this is getting heavy. By now they have my full attention, and Monica attempts to deadlift the weight, gets it to about mid shin and lets it go. I knew she had it, we talk a little bit and she goes for it, picks it up with ease, and ends up doing it for 5 reps.

Then its Krystal’s turn.


She feels the pressure from her workout partner and sure enough, she hits it for 5 reps. To some this may seem insignificant, but I have seen these two go from coming a couple of times a week to making it a priority to get in 4-5 times a week. I have seen these girls come in a couple of months ago and having no idea what a deadlift was to now coming in on their own and setting goals and making huge gains. Congrats Monica and Krystal on your PR(personal record)today proud of you two!! Keep up the good work.


Prep Work

30 Jump Stars
Then 3 rds of
10 Stiff Legged DeadLifts
10 Muscle Cleans
10 Shoulder press



3 Rds of

10 Cleans
10 Snatches

M/135 W/95
*This is a cap for the weights not an RX, pick a weight that you can successfully snatch multiple reps.

Post results to comments.


ACC work
Accumulate 5 Min of hollow hold


Cool Down
100Ft inchworm after each 5 perform 3 scorpion stretches per side
Mobility-Shoulders (externally rotated position)

Question-What is one of your weaknesses when it comes to your squat? post answers in reply section


Also*** Dynamic Duo teams good luck saturday!!!

8 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    I used 95# for the wod it took me 12 minutes on the dot. Was a little worried about the Snatch but 95# felt good. All around good class, hard to beat a barbell Wod!

  2. Krystal Valdez

    i love this story!! lol you guys are amazing and i love everything about this gym..not only did it save me from my mental break down, lol but it saved me completely!! I honestly don’t know what i would of done with out ALL of the coaches at Crossfit Reformation!! XOXOXO

  3. Jason R.

    Day one CrossFit… feeling sore and it’s only been 3 hours since I worked out. Had knee surgery and this is my medicine to get back on track. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow morning brings (J/K).

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