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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.12.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.12.13

“The first place we give up is in our own mind…”


Prep work:
3 rds
3 muscle cleans
5 power cleans at parallel
7 strict barbell press
Not to exceed 75/55


10 -1
Power cleans
Hspu-or elevated push-up

This workout is not for time. For load and quality-add weight throughout the sets as the number of reps gets less the weight should get heavier.

Should be under 20min

Post results to comments.


ACC skill:
False grip hang on rings or bar
Accumulate 2-3min


ACC conditioning:
Max box step ups in 3 min


Cool down:
3x of :30R/:30L
Lat stretch
Hip mobility

6 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Today felt great. After yesterday’s brutal workout today’s would be rough. I got up to 185×3. I failed at 195 at 20 minutes, so I didn’t try again. Did push-ups from tall end of a box. My front rack still needs some work, but has improved tremendously. Good to see BG back at it. Good 5 AM class!

  2. BG

    I always post! Been out for 2 weeks. Went through the motions today. Nothing to heavy or crazy. My back is not 100%. Felt good to be back at 5am CrossFit Reformation!

  3. Tasha M

    Got up to 60lbs for 1 rep, wish I would have went heavier, but need to work on form. Did pushups from medium box. First time and they are HARD! :}

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