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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.16.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.16.13

Reminder we will only have 8am, 9am , and 10 am class tomorrow. 11am we will be having a nutrition talk. Feel free to have questions or topics you would like us to discuss


Prep work:

Team stretch


Partner WOD:

teams of 2 complete the following within 18min

300 double unders
150 overhead lunges 45/25
100 wall balls
50 box jumps

Post results to comments.


If the team wod is finished within 18:00 the remaining time will be max muscle ups

WOD is from last weeks Dynamic duo competition out of Kitsap CrossFit.


Cool down:
50 calories air-dyne or rower.

5 Responses

  1. Marcos Ramos

    teamed up with Margaux and David this morning at 8 am. Enjoying working out with a class again.
    teams of 3 we got through 44 box jumps added more reps because it was a team of 3… Cant remember how much. Fun team workout.


    Had fun with the team wod. Boob boob got 8 muscle ups. Good job!! I just try but nada…. Lol some day I’ll get one at least one..! My butt cheeks were cramping after lunges and wall balls…

  3. Sarah H

    Thank You Marcos and Crossfit folks for cheering me on a bit at the track!
    As for 11-16-2013 partner workout- did it with my sister(her first xfit)- we got in 700 single jumps and ended at 34 box jumps- missed it by 16- lots of Fun!

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