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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.19.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.19.13

Prep work
1:00 Squat test
:30 Couch stretch
:30 Calf Stretch
3 Rds rest as needed in between

12 Min EMOM
30 Double Unders or 30 Singles (No multiplier for today)
5 V-Ups
Max Hollow hold

The Goal for this workout should be to keep the same time of hollow hold accumulated for all 12 min

ACC Work
-pull up challenge continues

-2X3:00 Single Bell long cycle 53/35, 1:00 Rest in between sets
first set Right handed
second set Left handed
*If you set the bell down the set is terminated

Cool Down
Mobility, Collapsing ankle work (banded distraction, fix your squat)

Post Results to comments.

14 Responses

  1. Rachel

    Hollow rock hold 17 seconds
    Kb long cycle 43 on the right side, 34 on the left with 26lb kb 5 pull ups at the end good class:) “you can never be too strong”

  2. Krystal Valdez

    Todays workout was awesome said the girl with the broken rib cage from doing the hollow holds!! LOL, You guys are doing such an amazing job coaching,, xoxoxo

  3. Bg

    Good 12 minute WOD.
    Only did 3 sets of V-Ups. To much tension on my lower back. Hollow hold was 17-20 seconds each round. Still working on the double unders.
    Pulls ups 7 reps. It was hard after a workout.

  4. Cory Van Tress

    Did the nooner today, wasn’t feeling too well to make the 5 AM class. Ended up at about 8 second hollow hold. My jump roping is getting better, as much as I despise it lol. Used 53# KB for long cycle right side I did 37, started to quickly and dropped with 20 seconds left. Left side I did 24 and held overhead longer and in the rack position,dropped with 30 seconds left. Got 11 pull-ups in too.

  5. Marcos Ramos

    Prep Work:
    Done. Its east to take it for granted but really enjoy it.

    WOD: Held for 15 sec after 6 minutes id say had to start bringing my knees in to hold that hollow position.

    ACC Work:… Used 53’s started with my left, mentally its easier for me, lost count after 20, and started to focus on not dropping the KB. Was able to hold it all 3 minutes on each side. Right side started a little slower and was actually able to finish stronger, still lost count of how many reps.

    Cool Down: Done

  6. Tasha M

    Average of 13 seconds for the hollow hold.
    AC work: 26lb with right arm 31, got scared to try 26 with left so went down to 18lb KB and did 45. 18lbs was too light, probably could of pushed out more.

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