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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.20.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 11.20.13

Prep Work:
3 Rds of
5 Clean pulls
5Power cleans at parallel

15 Min to work up to a heavy set of 3 on Power clean

Level one

Push Jerk 185/115 Bar starts on the ground.
Rope Climbs
This is for quality not time

Level two

Split Jerk 225/135  Bar starts on the ground
Rope Climbs
For time

Click on the movement(red) above for demo videos.


ACC work: (optional)

Pull up challenge
-3X7 Strict Double KB press from a seat…Get heavy (grab a bench or a box, make sure that you keep a tight torso and do not over extend during sets)


Cool Down:
Mobility of your choice…Mandatory(take advantage of this time)


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20 Responses

  1. BG

    Good class today. Had some great tips for coach Ramos.
    I’m liking the prep work.
    Stayed at 115 lbs for the WOD. Back is feeling much better, but don’t want to over do it. Rope climbs were fun.
    Dirk & Cory need to slow down.. lol. They did good today.
    Pull ups 17 reps (now that I understand the challenge)
    Seated press 35 KB.

  2. Cory Van Tress

    I have added and re added my weights for Power cleans I keep getting the same number, so I worked up to 215×3. Catching the weight with anything other than a slight knee bend is proving difficult. Wod I did push-ups jerks with 165 and did all 9 rope climbs, felt I was using my arms more than necessary but still hard to trust my foot grip on the rope. Good class!

  3. Marcos Ramos

    Prep Work: Done worked on speed.
    Strength: got up to 255 but it wasn’t pretty feet were way out wide on the 3rd one. First one might have been the only decent one with my feet in a good position. So didn’t go any heavier.
    WOD: did level one and worked on my push jerk, trying to be smooth with getting under the bar. used 185 was able to go unbroken for the push jerks. rope climbs take a lot out of me.
    Acc work: 44, 53, only got 5 at 62lbs
    Cool Down: getting a massage.

  4. Kree

    Learned a lot today Coach Brenden! My push jerk is coming along at 85lbs;) Now that I have recorded this, I will remember for next time and then be able to answer your question Coach…! Ha

  5. Tasha M

    70lb power clean. 55lb push jerk, could of went heavier on this but wanted to work on technique and my arms were like spaghetti after the rope climbs. I did 4 out of the 9 full rope climbs and half way up on the rest. Wish I would of had time for AC work! :}

  6. Susan Van Tress

    Worked up to 85 on the power clean and then had to drop back down to 75, felt good – 75 was my 1 rep max before today so I am feeling growth and that feels amazing! Used 55lb on the push jerk, felt good too.. my jerk movement needs some werk still. Rope climbs were ok, they need work too but I feel that experience will help a lot and maybe overcoming my fear of heights 🙁 . All in all another fantastic class. Loving Crossfit!

  7. Lindsay Sinnes

    Super excited!! PR my 3 rep at 115 🙂
    I did 85 in the WOD and 5 rope climbs!! Good for a girl who’s afraid of heights!!

  8. Haines

    Worked up to 225×3 power clean …….the last rep was a little wide in the catch but they are getting better! I did level 2… I had to do every split jerk at 225 individually. It took me some time but I got it done 15:17!

  9. Dirk Bernd

    215 x3 pc 185 split jerk 8:24 on the wod. Think I need to finally see that physical therapist for my wrist. I hate the ropes but I felt like I’m finally getting better.

  10. BOOM

    215×3 power cleans , 185lbs on push jerks (each unbroken) started with J-hook and went to safe wrap after 3, ACC work: 53lbsx7, 53lbsx7, 62lbsx6. And on 15 pullups in 48 hours time to pull a Froning!

  11. B-

    Worked up to 255 felt pretty good 10lb PR

    Missed 265 on the second

    Wod felt ok not a great OVHD lifter. Stayed light to work on my back.

    KB press was hard at 44’s. That correct position without overextending is challenging

  12. Judith

    125×3 fail at 135.. I did several at 135 but fail every time at 135. I went with level 2; 115 split jerk could off done more weight Lol took me 5:40.

  13. Dave

    Did this WOD Thursday as catch up. Good WOD. 195×3 power clean. Used 155 C&J for WOD. 20kg kb for strict press. All good except it did irritate the KNEE!!! 🙁

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