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General Fitness12.02.13


General Fitness12.02.13

Well the time has come, one more month left in 2013 and like we promised we have added a Competitors program. Thanks to Coach B- (Brenden Loyer) will now have two different programs available in hopes of giving all of you more options.

You will now start seeing two different options. One labeled General Fitness and the other one Competitive Fitness. I know we really thought outside the box on the name, haha.

Prep Work:

2 Rds
50 Ft Duck walk
:30 Table top stretch R/L

Bulgarian Split squats W/KB’s
3X3 at a tempo of (25X3) after the set you will immediately complete 10 Long cycles
If you have been consistent and are feeling comfortable go heavy. The DB KB rack position and the over head lockout position are the only places you may rest. Do not set the bells down, If so pick them back up and try to finish asap.
15 Min cap

3 Rds-Not for time
20 Box Jumps-Step Down
30 Sit ups
40 Single KB push press 53/35

ACC work:
Pull Up challenge-Chin up grip (Supinated Grip)

Cool Down:
3 Min Air-dyne ride


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