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Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 9.18.13


Yakima’s CrossFit Reformation 9.18.13

Jayce OHS 2yrs

Prep work:

3 rds
Arm bar stretch R/L
15 KB deadlifts

Breakdown on the clean.



single bell long cycle switch as needed.

Let your technique and strength determine how heavy you go.

after each set you will run 200m, finish with the run.

-Post weight used and time to comments

Optional Strength:

Close grip Bench Press


Add weight according to the number of reps you accomplished Last week.

0-4=you do not add weight.
5-9=you add 5lb
10-14=you add 10lb
15=you add 15lb

Post weight and reps to comments

Cool down:

Table top stretch
pretzel stretch

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  1. sandra

    44# 5:?? I dont remember I was too busy thinking about brendens voice saying hike a ball put on the sweater, karate chop push and sit. Bring it down palm to face fist to chest bone. Your lucky I kept count in my rounds.

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